Minister of Health Kapembwa Simbao of Zambia

Health Minister, Kapembwa Simbao said the Church like other many organisations could play a vital role to entice people through the gospel to work as a team in the fight against malaria.
Mr Simbao was speaking in Lusaka on Monday during a candlelight night that marked the second national prayer to commemorate the Southern African Development Community (SADC) malaria week.
HEALTH Minister, Kapembwa Simbao has said that much still needs to be done to reduce child mortality and urged various stakeholders to complement the efforts of the Government.
Mr Simbao said that the Government had made tremendous progress in improving child health child survival, which he said was a serious problem requiring urgent attention.
Speaking when he officiated at the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) high-level policy roundtable on Accelerated Child Survival and Development (ACSD) in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Simbao said the survival of children aged up to five years was a major concern.
The Government, Mr Simbao said had made achievements in immunisation programmes of measles since the year 2005 and no death had been attributed to the disease.
Simbao said that HIV testing in Zambia may become compulsory for the fight against the disease to be meaningful.
Minister of Works and Supply Kapembwa Simbao was quoted as saying that works have progressed well and on schedule.
Deputy Minister of Finance and National Planning Kapembwa Simbao said here on Wednesday that the government owes the servants in excess of 100 billion kwacha in housing allowance arrears dating back to 2002.
Simbao said the government has now begun paying the teachers their 2002 housing allowance arrears amounting to about 36 billion kwacha (about 10 million dollars) and the process will be continued until the arrears are cleared.
Simbao was answering a question from a parliament member on how much in housing allowance is owed to the teachers and other civil servants and when they will be paid.
Works and Supply Minister Kapembwa Simbao said the statutory instrument will come into effect on May 13.
Simbao said the allowance on the axle loads has been reduced from 10 percent to 5 percent.
Simbao said overloaded vehicles would now be able to pay compensation fees.
Simbao warns contractorsBy Mwala KalalukaThursday January 10, 2008 WORKS and supply minister Kapembwa Simbao has declared that days of begging and pleading with contractors on the proper implementation of developmental projects are over.
Addressing a press briefing on Tuesday, where he announced Tomorrow Investments’ deregistration, Simbao said the relationship between contractors and his ministry would be anchored on quality works and nothing else.
Simbao said this time around, contractors would have to explain how they have utilised development funds.
Zambian Works and Supply Minister Kapembwa Simbao said the MoU between Botswana and Zambia was as a result of the failed MoU signed in 2006 for the construction of the bridge.
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Simbao said currently 2-hundred thousand people are on anti- retroviral treatment.
The cement was ordered to enable engineers complete a deck at Chembe Bridge in Luapula Province, Works and Supply Minister Kapembwa Simbao said in an interview in Lusaka Monday.
Simbao said Tanga Cement has failed to fulfill the contract of exporting the product to Zambia because of Tanzanias decision to suspend cement exports.
Zambia safe from Ebola virus - SimbaoBy JERRY MUNTHALIMINISTER of Health Kapembwa Simbao has assured the nation that Zambia is safe from the Ebola virus and that it will not close the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC.
Mr Simbao said this in Lusaka yesterday at National Council for Construction workshop on the status of the Zambian construction industry.
Mr Simbao said it was sad that some contractors only got into the industry because of the huge profits involved.
Simbao said government has in this year's budget set aside K20 billion for the construction of 27 bridges and other road infrastructures across the country.
Works and Supply Minister Kapembwa Simbao says a number of contractors have taken advantage of the current contracting system which he described as weak.
Simbao said unlike some contractors in Zambia that spend the whole liability period repairing parts of damaged infrastructure, European contractors would not usually have any repairs to do excerpt to improve upon the works.
To be honest,i think simbao is one of most hardworkin guys in govt.
This health minister Kapembwa Simbao is clearly a spectator in that ministry.
I strongly suspect Simbao was the minister LPM was talking about when he said a certain ministry was going to be visited for corruption.
Health Minister Kapembwa Simbao said compulsory testing will help people make informed decesions about their health and lives in general.
Simbao said voluntary counselling and testing has its own limits and thats why its important people are compellled to have an HIV test.
Health Minister Kapembwa Simbao says of the deaths, seven occurred in Luapula, while two were in Lusaka and five in Northern province.
Simbao has appealed to members of the public to maintain high standards of hygiene to contain the further out break of the disease.
Simbao said his ministry only receives instructions to act when a road has been washed away due to heavy down pours.
Mike Mulongoti has been moved to works and supply while Kapembwa Simbao has been taken to Health.
Mr Simbao said if properly monitored and regulated, the construction industry promoted social and economic development through better infrastructure and housing as well as employment.
Mr Simbao was speaking in Lusaka on Wednesday in a speech read for him by his Permanent Secretary, Bizwayo Nkunika, during a graduation ceremony for 10 National Council for Construction (NCC) prosecutors at the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE.
Mr Simbao said the construction industry had continued to be one of the fast growing sectors in the economy and expressed hope that the graduating prosecutors would be adding more value to the industry and contributing to its growth.