Minister of Works and Supply Mike Mulongoti of Zambia

Meanwhile, Mr Mulongoti has said it is unfair for second Republican president, Fredrick Chiluba to accuse President Mwanawasa and British High Commissioner to Zambia, Alistair Harrison, of conniving to secure his conviction.
MMD chairperson for elections, Mike Mulongoti has said it is a futile effort for opposition parties to field candidates for the forthcoming presidential by-election since they do not have enough members of Parliament (MPs) to form a government.
Mr Mulongoti said with their current representation, any of the opposition political parties would find it difficult to run a government as their respective MPs were not enough to enact laws in Parliament.
But Zambian Information Minister Mike Mulongoti was cautious, telling Blessing Zulu that Zimbabwe is a sovereign state and will not be the top priority in Lusaka.
What disgusting politicians! Just what do they take Zambians for? Their pets? Why can't some of these characters learn to honourably resign, especially when they make a public shame of themselves the way Mulongoti has done.
NRP withdraws support for RupiahBy Maluba JereSaturday September 27, 2008 INFORMATION minister Mike Mulongoti has contradicted Vice-President Rupiah Banda with his revelation that the MMD 'donated' K15 million to the opposition National Revolution Party (NRP) for filing nominations.
Mulongoti said the MMD gave K15 million to NRP after its president, Cozmo Mumba, requested for financial assistance.
And according to the Times of Zambia yesterday, Mulongoti said Cozmo Mumba had in the past asked to be linked to Vice-President Banda's campaign.
Mulongoti said he advised Cosmo that he was not comfortable with the issue regarding resources in that the MMD also needed the same resources.
He said the same day he had a telephone conversation with Cozmo, Mulongoti found Cozmo at Government House where he handed over a copy of NRP's budget to him.
Meanwhile, NRP former secretary general James Lukuku said Mulongoti had exposed the corruption in MMD.
He Mulongoti has just exposed the corruption that is in the MMD and I would urge the relevant authorities to take the necessary measures," Lukuku said.
When contacted for comment yesterday over Cozmo's statement, Mulongoti said he did not have time for immoral people before cutting the line.
Mr Mulongoti said this in Lusaka yesterday during a consultative meeting with the contractors.
Mr Mulongoti said the contractors were notified that preliminary inquiries indicated that there was nothing worth taking to the DPP.
Mr Mulongoti said instructions had been given to the directorate in the Ministry of Works and Supply to pursue the matter with the DPP.
Mr Mulongoti said the decision by Government to institute investigations for alleged unethical behaviour was not done in bad faith but was aimed at protecting and clearing the names of Government and the contractors.
President Mwanawasas legacy as impeccable.
However, Mr Mulongoti has assured Zimbabwe that Government will look into the causes of the delay to find ways of mitigating the situation.
Mr Mulongoti said this in an interview in Lusaka yesterday.
Mr Mulongoti said the administrative processes included the fumigation of the maize, bank procedures and payments.
Speaking before the destruction of the materials, Zambia’s Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, Mike Mulongoti said government was losing colossal sums of revenue through piracy.
Mulongoti said there was need for harmony among institutions such as Zambia Bureau of Standards, the Patents Office, Ministry of Agriculture, the Pharmacy and Poisons Board and the Zambia Revenue Authority in combating piracy.
Mulongoti said government has stepped up measures to curb piracy through the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services.
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A State House statement received by ZANIS here Monday said that Mulongoti is among two deputy ministers promoted to full ministers while five other ministers have been transferred to other ministers in a mini Cabinet reshuffle.
Mulongoti takes over from former Information and Broadcasting Minister Vernon Mwaanga who was relieved of his duties recently.
Chief Government Spokesperson Mike Mulongoti says it is uncalled for opposition Patriotic Front (PF) to threaten or expel its Members of Parliament that have decided to participate in the National Constitutional Conference (NCC.
Mulongoti has urged Zambians to invest in the country for the growth of the economy.
Mulongoti says it is vital that Zambians with the potential and capacity should plough back by investing in the country for the benefit of the country through economic growth and employment opportunities for the citizenry.
Chief government spokesperson, Mike Mulongoti said the President who is admitted to a French Hospital is still in a stable condition.
Good news from Mulongoti, we hope that Mulongoti is speaking the truth this time cause he is one a guy who would also be misleading the nation in the name of politicking.
You can say what you want, Mr Mulongoti is the official GRZ spokesperson.
I hope Mulongoti is being realistic in his message that he has given to US.
The newspaper citing Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Mike Mulongoti said the Zambian government was not against GTV operating in Zambia but that procedures had to be followed before a licence was issued.
Chief government spokesman Mike Mulongoti said all charges pending in Zambian courts had been dropped against Moise Katumbi, governor of the mineral-rich Katanga province in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.
Mike Mulongoti said rumours were emanating from South Africa.
Commenting on reports that all senior army and government officials were locked in urgent meetings, Mulongoti said it was normal government business.
var PageContent= ' Lusaka - Zambian victims of recent xenophobic acts in South Africa should should return home to begin a new life, Information Minister Mike Mulongoti said in Lusaka Sunday.
Minister Mike Mulongoti said in Lusaka Sunday.
the sanctions that have been imposed on that country.
nothing to ensure sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe were lifted.
Mwanawasa and at the same time ask him to assist the country.
Lusaka_(dpa) _ Zambian victims of recent xenophobic acts in South Africa should should return home to begin a new life, Information Minister Mike Mulongoti said in Lusaka Sunday.
Mulongoti denied the violence meted out was state sponsored or South African government policy but was perpetrated by criminal elements.
Mulongoti said Zimbabweans should hold elections and whoever emerges the winner would then address the sanctions issue because to talk about sanctions now may be premature.
Zambian Information Minister Mike Mulongoti said he was not sure if Mugabe would attend Saturday's summit of the Southern African Development Community.
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Mike Mulongoti says the former president and his associates could lose their properties if they fail to pay back the 46 million dollars a London judge ordered them to pay back to the Zambian government.
Mulongoti says that with the assets secured the complainant can carry out the judgment of the court.
Mulongoti denied the former president and his wife are being victimized.
Mulongoti says he believes that some people are creating the impression that the government is on a witch-hunt.
Chief Government spokesperson Mike Mulongoti said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that there were serious cases that the Task Force was currently investigating and disbanding it now would mean disrupting investigations.
Mr Mulongoti said many critics could construe it to have been formed specifically to investigate cases of plunder of national resources from leaders in the previous regime.
Mr Mulongoti said the decision to extend the mandate of the Task Force was intended to ensure the conclusion of a good number of cases currently being dealt with.
ZAMBIAN MUST GET READY FOR THE REFERANDUM- MULONGOTIZAMBIAN MUST GET READY FOR THE REFERANDUM- MULONGOTILivingstone, February 12, ZANIS – Ruling Movement for Multi party Democracy (MMD) national chairman for elections Mike Mulongoti has asked Zambians to bracethemselves for yet another head count to identify all eligible voters that have since turned 18 years in order to accommodate the referendum process.
Mr Mulongoti said the MMD government is a government of laws, which has learnt not to repeat mistakes and hence would follow law in meeting all constitutionalobligations.
MMD National Chairman for Election Mike Mulongoti says in a democracy, everyone was by law required to exercise their right of association and leadership aspirations.
Mulongoti was answering a question from a ZANIS reporter who wondered why the ruling party found it fit to associate with traditional rulers who openly declare their political allegiance to the ruling party when the constitution demands that chiefs should be non-partisan.
Mulongoti said chiefs were an extension of the local government governance system and as such they are part of government hence the need to condemn the clause that stops them from politicking.
Mulongoti said the government would issue another bulletin on Mwanawasas condition early Thursday evening.
Zambia’s chief government spokesman Mike Mulongoti has denied South African media reports that President Levy Mwanawasa had died in a French hospital Thursday.
Mulongoti said the government has been disseminating information about the condition of the president when it receives it from the hospital in France.