Minister of Science, Technology, and Vocational Training Peter Daka of Zambia

He said Daka was charging K2,000 for Zimbabweans sleeping on the verandah of his house and K5,000 for those squeezing in the house.
Zambian Communications Minister Peter Daka was quoted as saying that he needs more time to peruse the documentation more closely before adding his signature.
Speaking after the signing ceremony Daka said science and technology are effective tools for promoting sustainable economic growth and strengthening political cooperation.
Daka said through effective application of technology, Africa is able to solve some economic and social challenges affecting the people on the continent.
Daka said Zambia stands to benefit from the memorandum of understanding as it would avail the country's access to effective scientific innovations for addressing some economic challenges.
php?articleId=25316Let's take advantage of VoIPBy Francis Malama, CaliforniaTuesday April 17, 2007 Last week in the Business Post was an article saying communication minister Peter Daka has outlawed VoIP? Folks VoIP is upon US whether we like it or not, if the government and Zamtel do not wake up and smell the coffee.
Minister outlaws VoIPBy Kabanda ChuluTuesday April 03, 2007 Communications minister Peter Daka has directed the Communications Authority (CA) to investigate and arrest people allegedly providing commercial Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.
Zambia Economy - Development | Politics | Technology | SocietyEergy for Zambia and othersThe Post/ZANIS News , 26 December - Zambia's quest to develop an electricity inter-connector with two East African countries Kenya and Tanzania will work out once "we increase our tariffs," Zambia's Energy Permanent Secretary Peter Daka has said.
Making the announcement, Science and Technology Minister Peter Daka said the institution would remain closed until major rehabilitation works to restore water supplies are completed.
Mr Daka said industry must encourage and reward scientists to look for innovative solutions to the problems and issues they are dealing with.
Mr Daka said engineers and scientists in Zambia received little public recognition and that as a way forward, the Ministry was funding several major initiatives under the science and technology promotional programmes aimed at addressing this imbalance.
Mr Daka said he was indisposed the whole of last week and was on malaria treatment.
reviewing international gateway license fees, currently priced up to hundreds of thousands of US.
Mr Daka said the decision to close the institution was arrived at after efforts to reason with students failed.
And Mr Daka said management at the college should have dealt with the water problem as an urgent matter.
On the students’ demands to have EHC director of academic affairs, Ellan Kamfwa removed, Mr Daka said it was not possible to fire a person based on hearsay, without any investigations and without giving him an opportunity to exculpate himself.
Meanwhile, Mr Daka has been directed to issue a statement in Parliament to explain the developments at EHC.
people with science and technology skills.
Science and Technology Minister, Peter Daka said Zambia values the positive initiatives that Saudi Arabia has been taking in search of peace in the middle east and the Horn of Africa.
Mr Daka said the sale of false documents was tantamount to corruption and fraud and would not be tolerated.
Daka said that Zambia needed to embrace science and technology to develop economically.
Daka said India's international status was due to science and technology literacy, and that establishing the training centres would similarly empower Zambian researchers, science students and young people with science and technology skills.
Daka is a member of the Pan-African Parliament from Zambia.
DakaNews About Peter DakaPeter Daka had a news item on Live Search NewsallAfrica.
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Daka said the government is now working on improving the conditions of service for science and technology experts and raising funding to science and technology institutions.
Science and Technology Minister Peter Daka said last week, at the 2008 competition for student engineers at the University of Zambia, that the move is aimed at making the country responsive to technological change.
Daka said information and communication technologists need to be registered and regulated in order to maintain public safety.
This is in the case in which the minister and his wife, Priscilla, had sued Mr Mundundu for damages for allegedly spreading rumours that Mrs Daka was his wife.
This means that Mrs Daka remains as the only plaintiff against Mr Mundundu.
They also wanted damages for spreading rumours that Mrs Daka was his wife when in fact not, costs and any other relief that the court might deem fit.