Minister of Lands Ronald Mukuma of Zambia

Labor Minister Ronald Mukuma is also in Copperbelt province to meet with various groups in the mining sector to talks about the need to adhere to the labor laws, said Chisupa.
Minister of Labor and Social Security Ronald Mukuma was quoted as saying here Wednesday that "this is intended to be a punitive action against law-breakers and also to discourage offenders.
Closing a SADC ministers of employment and labor conference here on Friday, SADC Chairperson Ronald Mukuma said the established task team should swing into action and address labor challenges among the member countries.
Re-advertise contracts, govt directs KansanshiBy Mwila Chansa in Lusaka and Mulimbi Mulaliki in SolweziFriday January 11, 2008 LABOUR minister Ronald Mukuma has directed Kansanshi Mining PLC to re-advertise the contracts to provide catering and cleaning services it awarded to two foreign companies.
Briefing the press at his office yesterday, Mukuma said the action taken by Kansanshi was not only inconsistent with the provisions of the Citizens Economic Empowerment Act but also with the spirit of the mining development agreement that the company signed with the government.
Mukuma said in the development agreement signed between Kansanshi and the government, the company undertook to award contracts to local contractors in an effort to promote the quality of goods and services supplied by locals.
Mukuma challenges unions to prove their transparencyBy Bright MukwasaSaturday March 15, 2008 LABOUR minister Ronald Mukuma has challenged unions to submit their books of accounts to prove their transparency.
Speaking at the national union of miners and allied workers (NUMAW) quadrennial conference on Thursday, Mukuma said he had continued to receive complaints of abuse of workers’ contributions by their union executives.
The Zambian government wants management Kansanshi Copper Mine, the country's largest single copper mine by output, to drop a labor case against its workers to ensure industry harmony in the country, Zambia's labor and social security minister Ronald Mukuma said Friday.
Zambian Labour and Social Security Minister Ronald Mukuma said on Thursday that his ministry has begun investigating the wrangles at the Chinese-run Chambishi Mine before any action is taken against those involved in the dispute that led to property damage when workers down tools for two days and went on a rampage demanding higher pay.
Speaking in an interview in Lusaka, Mukuma said the workers should not have taken the law into their own hands because labour laws did not stipulate this action.
Mukuma said governments intervention in the matter would depend on the outcome of the investigations that were being carried out.
Mr Mukuma said specific interventions targeting the aged should be given priority as part of the efforts to develop a minimum package of universally accepted benefits.
Mr Mukuma said the performance and expenditure report provided a comprehensive synopsis of existing social protection arrangements in Zambia.
Mr Mukuma said the sector advisory group (SAG) on employment and labour would be meeting with their counterpart SAGs with a view to developing a joint framework that seeks to address the composition of a comprehensive social protection system and funding mechanisms.
Minister of Labour and Social Security, Ronald Mukuma said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that although Government would investigate the wrangles at Chambishi Mine before any action was taken, it was disappointed at the workers’ unruly behavior.
Mr Mukuma said he was disappointed that workers damaged property, which belonged to them as Zambians.
Mr Mukuma said Government’s intervention in the matter would depend on the outcome of the investigations.
Mr Mukuma said negotiations between CCS management and the workers were supposed to start before the riotous behaviour.
Mr Mukuma was also disappointed at some National Union of Miners and Allied Workers (NUMAW) officials who were reported to have incited workers to go on strike.
is faced with a lot of challenges in this chairmanship.
Mr Mukuma said yesterday that the Government was changing the Employment Act to stop employers from discriminating against prospective employees perceived to be HIV positive.
Ronald Mukuma has expressed happiness saying this was due to the political leadership in the province.
NORTH-Western Province Permanent Secretary, Ronald Mukuma has appealed to the provincial Zambia National AIDS Network (ZNAN) to consider sourcing more funds for HIV/AIDS awareness programmes in the province.
The Post reports today that Labour minister Ronald Mukuma has directed Kansanshi Mining to re-advertise catering and cleaning contracts that it recently withdrew from Zambian firms and awarded to two South African companies.
The provision of section 21 of the Citizens Economic Empowerment Act states that specific areas of commerce, trade and industry shall be reserved for Zambians,” The Post also reports, "Mukuma said in the development agreement signed between Kansanshi and the government, the company undertook to award contracts to local contractors in an effort to promote the quality of goods and services supplied by locals.
Mr Mukuma said in an interview yesterday in Kitwe that there was no justification for mine owners to think of reducing their workforce or imposing such a freeze because they still remained viable even after the introduction of the new taxes.
Mr Mukuma said government’s priority at the moment was to reduce unemployment levels because that was the best way of reducing poverty.
Mr Mukuma said government was extremely cautious when it arrived at the new tax figures because it took into consideration the fact that mines had to sustain their workforce and make reasonable profits.
Mukuma said the programme has had a far-reaching impact on entire farming communities.
And Mr Mukuma has urged the labour movement to unite and find ways of curbing the proliferation of trade unions rendering negotiations with employers difficult.
Mr Mukuma said divisions in the labour movement had resulted in trade unions losing their effectiveness because they spent too much time on name-calling.
Mr Mukuma said it was important that trade unions maintained a non-partisan approach in their duties because they worked with the Government to foster national development.
Meanwhile, Kabompo East member of Parliament, Ronald Mukuma has called on MMD members in North-Western Province to rally behind President Levy Mwanawasa and the party to ensure the enhancement of development in the province.
Mr Mukuma said North-Western Province was now on the map of Zambia and that everyone wanted to associate themselves to the province because of the economic success it had recorded under the leadership of Dr Mwanawasa and the MMD.
Mr Mukuma said currently, more and more mineral deposits such as oil, copper and others were being explored and that this was because of the good policies of the MMD.
Former Labour minister, Ronald Mukuma is the new Lands minister and the deputy Nasim Hamir retained the same position.