Minister of Information and Broadcasting Ronnie Shikapwasha of Zambia

HOME Affairs Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha is surprised that the police on the Copperbelt have issued a permit to the opposition Patriotic Front (PF) members to protest over the election of President Rupiah Banda.
And Lieutenant General Shikapwasha has warned that Government will deal firmly with individuals trying to fuel anarchy in the country.
General Shikapwasha was reacting to media reports that opposition PF on the Copperbelt is this Saturday scheduled to hold a peaceful demonstration to register its displeasure over Mr Banda's election as Republican president.
But General Shikapwasha said PF had already petitioned Mr Banda's election in the courts of law where they wanted a recount in certain constituencies and should therefore wait for the court's ruling on the matter, instead of resorting to protests.
Zambian Foreign Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha said Tuesday military cooperation among African countries is vital for peace in the continent.
Shikapwasha said military interaction among various armed forces could extend peace to troubled countries in Africa and in the meantime help create political understanding among African leaders.
Gen Shikapwasha is a staunch christian.
Acting Health Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha was cited by The Post on Friday as saying HIV/AIDS had left an estimated 750,000 orphans in the country, most of whom will have no hope of obtaining formal education.
Shikapwasha said without effective policies and strategies for rendering support to the children, it was likely that they would become the next generation of the poor.
Ronnie prays against crimeBy Masuzyo ChakweTuesday September 25, 2007 THE crime rate in Lusaka's Matero township will get down to zero by the power of God, home affairs minister Lieutenant General Ronnie Shikapwasha has said.
Launching the month-long "Love Matero Outreach" on Sunday, Lt Gen Shikapwasha said the Church in Zambia should rise and take responsibility of the primary mandate to preach the Gospel.
Lt Gen Shikapwasha said there was need to have a morally upright nation for meaningful development to take place.
Most of these AIDS orphans will have no hope of obtaining a formal education, Acting Health Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha was quoted as saying.
It has been estimated that 6 percent of these children are in streets and less than 1 percent live in orphanages, Shikapwasha said Thursday at a national AIDS conference in Lusaka.
Minister of Home Affairs Ronnie Shikapwasha said government would continue strengthening the law enforcement agencies to ensure that Zambia was free from cultivation and production of illicit drugs and money laundering.
Shikapwasha said if left unchecked, the cultivation and production of illicit drugs had the potential of contributing to security risks through mechanisms such as supplying of cash for terrorist activities.
Winding up debate on the estimates of expenditure for his ministry in Parliament on Tuesday, Lieutenant-General Shikapwasha said it was wrong for MPs to lead cadres in beating up innocent people when they were expected to be advocating peaceful conduct among their supporters.
Gen Shikapwasha said he had received a report that the Minister of Science, Technology and Vocational Training, Peter Daka, had his vehicle stoned in Kanyama.
Shikapwasha said the number of police officers in the service would increase from the current 15,000 to 27,000 by 2015.
General Shikapwasha has a dynamic Christian testimony and we enjoyed a good time of fellowship with him as he shared how the Lord had healed him from a crippling car accident.
In the letter to SACCORD, a copy of which was faxed to IRIN, Shikapwasha says he has "noticed with displeasure that your organisation has engaged itself in activities which are and a danger to the state security" and that, in accordance with the Societies Act, "I have decided to de-register your organisation with immediate effect.
Lieutenant General Shikapwasha said all defense forces were geared to arrest any perpetrators of political violence in the run up to October 30th presidential elections.
General Shikapwasha said people who were trying to use violence in the forth coming presidential bye-elections were cowards of losing the elections using the right channel.
Meanwhile General Shikapwasha has urged the people of Central province not to rally behind political parties that were centering their campaigns on lies.
And General Shikapwasha has warned the people of Zambia against voting for the opposition Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata.
General Shikapwasha said the people of Zambia risked spoiling their future if they voted for Mr.
Lieutenant General Shikapwasha said President Banda was not complaining but only acknowledging the enormity of the economic problems the Government and the people of Zambia had to grapple with in view of the global financial crisis.
Gen Shikapwasha said in a Press statement yesterday that it was sad that a former deputy minister would make remarks such as those attributed to Chisamba Member of Parliament, Moses Muteteka in respect of his own Government.
Gen Shikapwasha said the president, by stating that he was consulting various stakeholders and directing his ministers to take appropriate measures in dealing with the crisis, clearly meant that he was providing the necessary leadership expected of him.
On the composition of the Cabinet, Gen Shikapwasha said it was clear that the president had appointed people who were performers and placed them where he expected them to succeed.
Gen Shikapwasha said there were several ministers who were heading ministries not necessarily because they were professionals in the services provided by those ministries.
During our one-hour interview, Shikapwasha said Zambia's copper industry generates 65% of all foreign-exchange earnings; other important minerals include cobalt, zinc, lead, silver, uranium and manganese.
In 2004, Shikapwasha was appointed minister of home affairs, and earlier this year became Zambia's foreign minister.
We are also reviewing the constitution in order to remove some gray areas," Shikapwasha said without elaborating.
The number of Zambians who are homeless in South Africa following the xenophobic attacks in that country has risen to 149 from about 109 recorded on Friday last week, Home Affairs Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha said Monday.
Shikapwasha said in Central Province that the xenophobic attacks in South Africa have continued to be a source of worry.
About one million children in Zambia will have lost one or both parents by 2015 -- in large part because of HIV/AIDS -- unless effective policies and strategies are implemented, acting Health Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha said on Thursday, Xinhua/People's Daily reports.
Speaking at the third annual joint review of the national HIV/AIDS strategic framework and operations of the National AIDS Council, Shikapwasha said there are 750,000 AIDS orphans in the country, and most of them are unlikely to obtain a formal education.
Lieutenant-General Shikapwasha said the monitoring aimed at ensuring that the security of Zambia was not compromised by individuals who wanted to destroy the peaceful relationship Zambia had with China.
Home Affairs Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha was quoted as saying that it is sad the refugees who do not want to be repatriated are fleeing the camps and settling within the communities near the damps.
In a cocktail in honor of Marjon Kamara, director of the Africa Bureau of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), Shikapwasha said that the success of the program is largely attributed to the mutual cooperation, cordial relationship and especially the concerted and committed efforts of the Angolan government, UNHCR and its sister agencies, and donor community among others.
Defence forces are on alert in border areas and other places to quell firmly any violence," Home Affairs Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha said in an address broadcast on state television.
PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda's remarks on the challenges the Government is facing should not be misconstrued as suggesting that he and his Cabinet have insurmountable problems, Chief Government spokesperson, Ronnie Shikapwasha has said.
Chief Government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha said the government would assist the airline, but discussed.
Chief Government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha said the government would assist the airline, but discussed no details.
And Chief Government spokesperson, Ronnie Shikapwasha said the Government was encouraged by any suggestions from various people including Mr Sata.
And Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, Ronnie Shikapwasha said the Government has welcomed the decision by PF leader, Michael Sata to draft proposals which would later be given to President Banda on how to reduce prices of mealie meal.
Lieutenant-General Shikapwasha said the Government would always welcome suggestions from stakeholders.
THE Government has constituted a task force to study rising food prices and recommend possible solutions to the situation, Chief Government spokesperson, Ronnie Shikapwasha has said.
Home Affairs minister Ronnie Shikapwasha said he could not believe that the police have allowed the opposition party to demonstrate.
Ronnie Shikapwasha is a danger to the freedom of Zambians.
Lieutenant General Shikapwasha said government decided to channel resources towards the provision of essential services to cushion the impact of the rising food prices in Zambia and the rest of the world.
Shikapwasha said the escalating food prices, declining commodity prices which have affected copper earnings and the decline in government revenue, which are due to the global financial crisis, have forced the Zambian government to forgo the hosting of the games.
Lieutenant General Shikapwasha said Zambia would remain resolute and focused in pressing for two permanent seats and other reforms such as extending the council membership from 15 to 25.