Minister of Gender and Women's Development Sarah Sayifwanda of Zambia

Ms Sayifwanda said maintaining self-sufficiency in food production was essential, as it did not only provide food to the people, but employment as well.
And Ms Sayifwanda said Zambia greatly valued the warm and long standing relations with Norway.
Ms Sayifwanda said Norway's development cooperation policy, focused on contributing to economic growth, sustainable development and promotion of human rights, was commendable.
Ms Sayifwanda said Zambia remained committed to reducing poverty through wealth creation.
Ms Sayifwanda said the Government was also committed to the democratic process, which promoted good governance, accountability and transparency.
On Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ), Ms Sayifwanda said the Government recognised the role the firm played in the Zambian economy and maintained that there were no plans to privatise the company.
To the farmers, I can only appeal to you to respond positively by using inputs you will access in order to increase your productivity and help the country attain the much needed national and household food security," agriculture and cooperatives minister, Sarah Sayifwanda was quoted as saying.
Sayifwanda said maize production declined despite farmers increasing plantings by 6.
Ms Sayifwanda said this means that farmers throughout the country would now be required to only pay 25 per cent of the market price.
Agriculture minister Sarah Sayifwanda said on Saturday that it was disheartening to note that middlemen have invaded rural areas to buy the crop from peasant farmers at very low prices.
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Sayifwanda said wedding vows of loving each other till death were binding through out one's life and therefore married people should always remember them.
Minister for gender Sarah Sayifwanda has moved over to transport, said Musukuma.
Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Sarah Sayifwanda says this is a direct threat to the country’s food security.
In an interview yesterday, Ms Sayifwanda said the Zambian Government, through the Food Reserve Agency (FRA), was ready to export the maize but the problem was with Zimbabwe’s agent.
Ms Sayifwanda said apart from GMB, the Bank of Zimbabwe was another hindrance in the process.
Ms Sayifwanda said after the meeting with her Zimbabwean counterpart, FRA informed her that the Bank of Zimbabwe had cancelled the letter of credit.
Ms Sayifwanda said this was the second time the Bank of Zimbabwe was cancelling a letter of credit.
The other former Agriculture minister, Sarah Sayifwanda has been moved to Gender Affairs and would be assisted by former Science, Technology and Vocational Training deputy minister, Lucy Changwe.
When Sarah Sayifwanda was appointed not long ago as Minister of Communications and Transport, she was given a remit from President Mwanawasa of ensuring " the matter of the establishment of the national airline was speedily concluded and brought to cabinet for a decision.