Solicitor General Sunday Nkonde of Zambia

Solicitor General Sunday Nkonde was quoted as saying the state has apologized to Kaunda for subjecting the former head of state to an unfair trial on the merits of the allegations without substantive due process of the law.
Nkonde Denies Role in Land Allocation.
From Times of Zambia - AAGM) SOLICITOR-General Sunday Nkonde says it is not part of his constitutional mandate to give consent to the Commissioner of Lands on matters of land allocation in the country.
Mr Nkonde said he had never been requested by anyone, not even the ministry of Lands, to render legal.
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Page 21Zambia: Stop discussing KK’s legal fees publicly, Nkonde tells lawyers SOLICITOR-General Sunday Nkonde has directed lawyers to stop discussing first Republican president, Kenneth Kaunda’s disputed legal fees in the media because the debates are damaging the image and interests of the legal profession.
Nkonde said City of Lusaka management was happy to receive such a sponsorship deal because it would motivate the team.
Nkonde said City of Lusaka was the first team in the Super Division to have received such kind of sponsorship.
Nkonde said Nkana assistant coach Fewdays Musonda was fined K2 million for entering the field of play without the referee’s permission and abusive language.
committed and serious to the work of the Judiciary.
Sunday? I strongly think we deserve the right to know! When are you going to fire the energy minister like you did to Mpombo whom I believed was a sacrifical lamb? Zedias tell US what Nkonde has done.
Faz disciplinary committee chairman chairman Sunday Nkonde has warned Mufulira Wanderers and Kitwe United officials from discussing their abandoned 1-1 Faz division 1 week 16 match played on August 3 at Shinde Stadium in the press.
Sunday Nkonde said the police had no powers to stop the rallies due to be addressed by Patriotic Party leader Michael Sata, who lost to President Levy Mwanawasa in recent elections.
I agree that the decision quashed," Nkonde said in his letter to the police.
Nkonde said Sithole wore stuffed bras.
Sunday Nkonde speaks out on Wanderers-Kitwe debacleBy Sports ReporterFAZ disciplinary committee chairperson, Sunday Nkonde has said the abandoned match between KCM/FAZ Division One north side Mufulira Wanderers and their Kitwe United counterparts will be handled by his committee.
Nkonde said in a statement yesterday that only his committee could handle the disciplinary issues surrounding the matter in a most impartial manner based on the facts and rules of the game.
Nkonde rules Wazakasa offsideSOLICITOR-General Sunday Nkonde has quashed the decision taken by Lusaka Province police chief Wazakasa Ng’uni to deny Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata permits to hold his planned rallies in Lusaka.
Mr Nkonde said the police should allow Mr Sata to go ahead with his rallies as litigation over the matter only increased costs at the expense of the taxpayers.
Mr Nkonde said this in Lusaka yesterday in reference to Mr Sata and his secretary general Guy Scot’s application for judicial review over the matter so the court could interpret the law on holding public rallies.