Minister Without Portfolio Elliot Manyika of Zimbabwe

Cde Manyika met his death on the road, not on a personal errand, but on national duty.
Cde Manyika has left at a time the nation is seized with inter-party talks, talks that are aimed at ensuring that we all pull together as Zimbabweans.
President Mugabe said Cde Manyika was a true child of the liberation struggle, "a tenacious believer in its goals, deeds, accomplishments and legacy kuti nyika ndeyedu inorwirwa, inofirwa.
President Mugabe said Cde Manyika knew that the carrier and defender of the country's revolution is the ruling Zanu-PF.
Cde Mugabe said something had to be done against the setbacks of the March 29 harmonised elections and Cde Manyika knew that he was the hand to do it and did it to his best, stretching himself to the limit.
Days after the accident, Manyika was declared a national hero by the Politburo.
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Elliot from Manyika is from Chiweshe.
If you live by evil you should be prepared to die by evil, while Elliot Manyika was playing both Satan and God's role, he failed to understand that above all there is GOD.
Manyika was taken to a Catholic missionary hospital in Bulawayo, where state hospitals have closed as a result of Zimbabwe's infrastructure collapse, but was pronounced dead.
Manyika was a main organiser of the violent invasions of mainly white-owned commercial farms, the consequences of which led to the implosion of Zimbabwe's economy.
Manyika was also the mastermind and leader of the National Youth Militia, Mr Mugabe's personal storm troopers, used in orgies of violence against the opposition.
Then, as the vote was being counted in Bindura, after the March election, and it looked as though Manyika was losing, he shot dead an MDC presiding officer at a polling station.
Manyika was finally declared the victor by a narrow margin, but at the time of his death no charges had been laid against him for the Bindura murder.
Manyika is survived by his wife, Madeleine, and five children.
Manyika was killed in a car crash.
Dec 7, 2008, 10:51am, kuvhima wrote:I think its the Mujuru faction that has taken him out He was busy going around restructuring provinces and purging the provincial executives of Mujuru supporters leaving pro-Mnangagwa people in charge This is step one of the Mujuru fightbackManyika was ever Pro Mujuru.
Nobody important has died lately so he was at a loss when Elliot MAnyika said that he would do anything for the Bobo.
A true , loyal, cadre Manyika has given up his life so Mugabe can tell US what he thinks we need to know.
Manyika was unconcerned about the delay in announcing the count.
The 53 year old Manyika was currently serving as a Minister without Portfolio having previously served as minister of Youth Development, Gender and Employment creation.
After Gezi died Manyika is said to have got the late Minister’s wife pregnant, an issue that did not go down well with party leader Mugabe.
Manyika was born on July 30 1955 at Rosa Clinic in Chiweshe, Mashonaland Central.
There were impromptu celebrations, mostly in the opposition strongholds in major cities and towns, as word filtered that Manyika had died.
Pfebve told a Zimbabwean radio station broadcasting from exile in London that Manyika had not left the legacy of a political statesman but rather a culture of fear and terror.
In July 2001, Pfebve said he narrowly escaped an assassination attempt that he claimed Manyika had plotted.
Mugabe said Manyika had injected creativity into the ZANU-PF commissariat.
which comes with a state burial at a National Heroes Acre in Harare.
Zanu PF political commissar to die in a car crash in recent years.
Elliot Manyika was one of the master-minds behind Zanu PF’s terror campaign against supporters of the MDC in Mashonald Central where his Bindura constituency falls in, and he was responsible for the training and coordination of the activities of the infamous paramilitary youth from the Border Gezi training academies, who have been responsible for causing various human rights abuses since their conception in 2000.
After Gezi died Manyika is said to have got the late ministers wife pregnant, an issue which did not go down well with Mugabe.
Manyika was believed to be travelling from Mutare to Gwanda in Matabeleland South where he intended to preside over the election of Zanu PF leaders in that province.
Manyika was 53 years old at the time of his death.
Comrade Eliot Manyika’s driver bites his bottom lip and steers the latest Mercedes Benz received courtesy of the rampant patronage system that has crippled Zimbabwe.
According to Supt Phiri,Mr Manyika was travelling from Mutare to Gwanda in Matabeleland South where he intended to preside over the election of Zanu-PF leaders in that province.
In this role,Mr Manyika was instrumental in the implementation of the fast-track land resettlement programme in the province.
Manyika was making similarly controversial plunges into party policies.
HARARE (Xinhua) -- Zimbabwe's Minister Without Portfolio and ruling Zanu-PF national political commissar Elliot Manyika died in a road accident on Saturday.
ZANU PF held its annual conference in Bindura last week without its political commissar Elliot Manyika.
Former Mashonaland Central Governor and Bindura Member of Parliament Elliot Manyika has died in a mysterious accident.
In 1999 Manyika was appointed Mashonaland Central Governor taking over from Border Gezi who also died in a car accident on the same road.
Manyika was infamous for his hate-filled Nora song that fuelled the orgy of violence during the 2000 and 2002 elections.
Conflicting reports and statements by government officials are giving fodder to rumours that the death of key Mugabe aide Elliot Manyika was not an ordinary accident, Metro investigates.
The Bulawayo based The Sunday News quoted a senior government official as saying, The accident happened in the morning and Manyika was later confirmed dead by some doctors at around 4pm.
Manyika was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital just before the lunch hour.
What is intriguing is that before 7:30 pm all three radio stations(Radio Zimbabwe,Power FM,Nation FM) reported once on their 6:00 pm news bulletins that Manyika had died and quoted Police spokesman Andrew Phiri confirming the death.
According to The Sunday News there was more than one person and Manyika was not ferried straight to Mater Dei Hospital in fact he was taken to a private doctors office first.
It is unclear why Manyika was taken for a brain scan at a private doctors office when such a facility is available at Mater Dei Hospital.
Some Newspapers even reported that Manyika was first taken to the two main state-run hospitals, Mpilo and the United Bulawayo Hospital but they lacked basic health requirements and was then taken to the catholic run Mater Dei Hospital.
It is worth noting that Phiri did not mention that Manyika was taken to a doctors office first before being rushed to Mater Dei Hospital.
Manyika had insistedthe polls would go ahead, but declined to shed light on political developments in the province.
Manyika was feared for his association with the dreaded party'syouth militia that caused terror before, during and after the March and June controversial elections.
Elliot Manyika was a fiery supporter of Zanu PF octogenarian despot Robert Mugabe who many hold responsible for their current misfortunes in life.
The fact is that in August 1978 the late Elliot Manyika was employed by the then Public Works Department (PWD) at its Mashonaland East Provincial offices situated near where the current Mutare road Vehicle Inspection Department is.
There is as far as we know no former person with Rhodesia Front military training interred at the National Heroes Acre and it appears Manyika is poised to score a first because his chequered history and links with the Rhodesian army has been camouflaged by reference to him as Comrade Manyika within Zanu PF.
Cde Manyika joined the Zanu-PF Youth League together with the late Minister of Youth, Gender and Employment Creation, Cde Border Gezi, in 1982, declared the Sunday Mail falsely.
Today we can safely conclude that ZANU (PF) the monster, is on a monstrous non recovery to doom, as it enters a new phase in a “struggle within struggles” If you live by evil you should be prepared to die by evil, while Elliot Manyika was playing both Satan and god’s role, he failed to understand that above all there is GOD.
Zanu PF's Elliot Manyika is pitted against MDC's Elliot Pfebve.
Cde Manyika was on his way from Mutare to Gwanda in Matabeleland South to preside over Zanu-PF provincial executive elections ahead of the Peoples National Conference scheduled for Bindura.
A medical doctor who passed by helped them out of the car and took them to hospital where Cde Manyika was pronounced dead on arrival.
Cde Manyika has been Zanu-PF political commissar since taking over from Cde Border Gezi in 2001.
Cde Manyika joined the Zanu-PF Youth League together with the late Minister of Youth, Gender and Employment Creation, Cde Border Gezi, in 1982.
At party level, Cde Manyika was elected to the Zanu-PF Central Committee and became Zanu-PF Deputy Secretary for Information and Publicity.