Minister of Tourism Francis Nhema of Zimbabwe

Speaking at the commemoration of the International Day of Biological Diversity yesterday, Cde Nhema said the nation also needed to guard against biopiracy that is resulting in huge biological losses.
Cde Nhema said farmers and agricultural producers were custodians of agricultural biodiversity hence should possess the knowledge needed to manage and sustain it.
Cde Nhema said there was also need to closely monitor crop diversity, which is a subset of total biodiversity that includes plants that people rely on for food, clothes and shelter.
Cde Nhema said food security was under threat from the introduction and spread of invasive alien species and terminator gene technology.
Like many of Mugabe's ministers, Nhema was also given a farm.
Unsustainable Nhema The British Minister for Africa, Lord Triesman has said, since Francis Nhema is on the banned list of Zimbabwean government officials he will be incapable of properly fulfilling the responsibilities of the chairman of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, which include meetings in Europe.
Lord Avebury called for Nhema to be prosecuted as recommended by the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions which declared that Operation Murambatsvina, in which 700 000 were made homeless while Nhema was a minister, was a crime against humanity and justiciable by the International Criminal Court.
Zimbabwe aims to tap more Chinese tourism potentialZimbabwe's Minister of Environment and Tourism, Francis Nhema said on Monday the country was positioning itself to tap more tourists from China to benefit from the growing numbers of affluent Chinese taking holidays abroad.
The growing business, which Nhema said the government was anxious both to retain and expand, prompted Air Zimbabwe, the national air carrier, to start weekly flights to Beijing and other Asian destinations.
Nhema said among ways the Zimbabwean government was working to win more Chinese tourists was the posting of a tourism attachee to the country's embassy in Beijing, and the invitation of Chinese tour operators to local travel and tourism expos.
Three decades of economic reforms have created a large pool of new Chinese wealthy able to finance a holiday abroad, and it is this market Nhema said Zimbabwe was eager to tap.
Nhema is just back from the World Tourism Market in London, UK where he assured journalists and tourists there that "though we had a few cases if violence, that did not warrant a ban on tourism in Zimbabwe.
In April Nhema was paying US Z$32,000 (£64) a month.
though we had a few cases if violence, that did not warrant a ban on tourism in Zimbabwe.
Beside the fuel shortage and fears of violence, Nhema says tourists also complain of lukewarm reception when they arrive in Zimbabwe.
floods, was gradually increasing in number and frequency.
After the dust settled, it was clear that Mugabe’s cronies like Nhema had scored quite well in the bun-fight, often taking the best farms for themselves by ordering the police or the army to remove the inconvenient settlers (black) who had done the dirty work of killing or forcibly evicting the previous owners (white.
Nhema has managed to reduce output to less than 15.
Zimbabwes Environment Minister Francis Nhema is being tipped by UN diplomats to be elected to the post on Friday.
The post rotates among regions and Nhema was Africas choice to lead the commission for the next year.
Francis Nhema is the tourism and environment minister of Zimbabwe.
Nhema was elected chairman of the commission in May amid stiff resistance from the European Union which argued that the post could not be given to a country that had destroyed its agricultural base following the controversial fast track land reform.
In a statement, Minister of Environment and Tourism Francis Nhema said an average of 5 million trees have been planted every year giving a total of 140 million trees.
Cde Nhema said there was need for every.
In a statement, Minister of Environment and Tourism Francis Nhema said an average of 5.
In a secret ballot late Friday night, Nhema was elected 26-21, with 3 abstentions.
Development as the Chair of its 16th session (CSD-16.
Nhema joined the Ministry of Information and Tourism in 1981.
Partnership Promotion workshop last month.
Trying to assuage the general perception that the allocation of hunting concessions only benefited leading Zanu PF politicians, the source of discord, Nhema said everything was done above board.