Minister of Water Resources and Infrastructural Development Munacho Mutezo of Zimbabwe

Speaking at stakeholders' tour of the Letombo Reservoir last week, Mr Mutezo said that his ministry was keen to work with property developers and industrialists to complement efforts in the development of infrastructure and supply of water treatment chemicals.
Mr Mutezo said that with the work currently underway in various spheres that fall under the authority, the Ministry remained confident that challenges that were being faced would be resolved in the earliest possible time.
In an interview yesterday, Eng Mutezo said he was keen to see that students learning in Chimanimani West accessed the best education.
Eng Mutezo said he was looking at ways of ensuring that school-leavers who had not benefited from the computer learning were not disadvantaged.
Eng Mutezo said apart from introducing computer learning in schools and colleges he has also introduced carpentry, building and dressmaking to empower school-leavers who did not do well at O Level.
Briefing journalists on the developments on Wednesday, the Minister of Water Resources and Infrastructural Development Munacho Mutezo said the support by the central bank would result in the restoration of normal water supplies in most areas within three weeks.
Mutezo is the Minister of State Water Resources and Infrastructural Development for Zimbabwe.
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Construction of the Kunzvi Dam is the panacea to the water problems plaguing Harare and its dormitory towns, Zimbabwean Water Resources and Infrastructure Development Minster Munacho Mutezo said on Monday.
Mutezo said time was ripe for implementation of the project, which had been on the cards for the past eight years.
There has been strong resistance, especially from the Bulawayo City Council on the proposed takeover but Water Resources Minister Munacho Mutezo has indicated that there is no going back.
even to the low standards expected from parastatals.
towns, Water Resources Minster Munacho Mutezo said Monday.
to the state-run Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa.
Mutezo said normal supplies of water would resume soon.
Samuel Undenge, is the new minister of state for public enterprise and engineer Munacho Mutezo has been named as minister of water resources and infrastructural development.
Since Zinwa cannot provide water to a clinic in the City of Harare, and since there is now a serious outbreak of water-borne diseases as a result of Zinwas failure, it is clear that Mutezo has failed.
THE Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) has begun bottling and selling water in order to fund the purchase of water purification chemicals and to relieve debt, Water Resources Minister Munacho Mutezo has said.
Mutezo said the water bottling project had already passed Ministry of Health requirements on water purity.
By Patrick Chitumba ::Zimbabwe’s Minister of Water Resources and Infrastructural Development, Engineer Munacho Mutezo has said it is critical to involve different sectors of society in the formulation of the IWRM Strategy as the Zambezi river basin positions itself for ZAMCOM.
Mutezo is a former Time Bank chairman.
Mr Mutezo was unavailable for comment at the time of going to press, but police confirmed that Mutezo was campaigning in the district.
Munacho Mutezo was recently booed by angry residents of Budiriro that also stoned a ZINWA vehicle.
THE Minister of Water and Infrastructure Development Engineer Munacho Mutezo has said the price of water in Harare will go up significantly following the 500 percent increase in the price of aluminium sulphate.
Eng Mutezo said high-density households without functional water meters would be charged for the use of 40 cubic metres that is around $1,7 million.
supporters to seize all irrigation plots from opposition supporters.
two ZANU PF activists in the area Mubuso Chinguno and one Mutendadzamera.
The sources said Mutezo had a torrid time explaining how Cabinet had agreed that Zinwa should takeover the supply of water in Bulawayo and in other cities and towns around the country.