Minister of Women's Affairs, Gender, and Community Development Oppah Muchinguri of Zimbabwe

Harare A Significant number of women have entered the political arena as a positive result of various initiatives undertaken to promote equitable representation, Women's Affairs, Gender and Community Development Minister, Cde Oppah Muchinguri has said.
In an interview, Cde Muchinguri said although women have risen to the challenge, it was still difficult to make a breakthrough in urban areas.
Cde Muchinguri said as the country continues to follow Sadc guidelines and principles on elections a significant number of women have successfully contested elections across the country.
Cde Muchinguri said Government was working with various stakeholders such as the United Nations and other non-governmental organisations in building capacity for women in politics.
Muchinguri said at the UN-sponsored workshop that woman economists played a critical role in policy formulation, implementation and project planning and design in both the public and private sectors.
Muchinguri said their influence was necessary as economic policies such as national budgets, monetary policy, economic turnaround strategies and the National Economic Priority Development Program had different consequences on women and men due to their different economic and social status.
Speaking after the signing ceremony, Muchinguri said the agreement would go a long way in addressing challenges faced by women in the two countries.
Opa Chamu Zvipange Muchinguri is a Zimbabwean politician, currently serving as Minister of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development.
According to official results, Muchinguri received 4,764 votes against 9,228 votes for Saruwaka.
The Herald reported on January 3, 2009, that Muchinguri had been dismissed from the Cabinet earlier in the week, along with 11 other ministers, because she no longer held any seat in Parliament.
Zimbabwean Minister of Women's Affairs, Gender and Community Development Oppah Muchinguri has denounced the recent spate of abuse of girls countrywide.
Zimbabwean minister denounces abuse of girls nationwideZimbabwean Minister of Women's Affairs, Gender and Community Development Oppah Muchinguri has denounced the recent spate of abuse of girls countrywide.
Muchinguri was quoted by the Herald newspaper on Tuesday as saying that the issue of child abuse was worrying, as girls constitute the majority of children who were being abused.
Muchinguri said poverty was rampant and families were failing to meet their basic needs as many had low incomes, which could hardly sustain them.
Muchinguri said a firm resolution by the Heads of State to ensure the eradication of all gender inequalities in the region was made in 1997 by signing a SADC Declaration on Gender and Development and its Addendum on the Prevention and Eradication of Violence Against Women and Children in 1998.
the country's High Court were all a result of domestic violence.
Muchinguri has on several occasions denied that Tongogara was assassinated.
Many Zanu PF former freedom fighters claim Muchinguri was Mugabe's sweetheart.
Women's Conference organised by the Women's Trust on Monday.
was a necessary condition for development.
Muchinguri said many bakeries were failing to access flour and the ministry engaged the GMB through the Ministry of Agriculture to supply bakeries with flour.
After the delimitation process, Muchinguri approached me expressing fears on her chances in the elections since her constituency now included an urban electorate," Zindi said.
Zindi said after the meeting Muchinguri turned around to support Dumbura to challenge her in the constituency.
Oppah Muchinguri is also head of Zanu-PF's powerful women's wing, which has said it wants nobody - from either party - but Mugabe to rule Zimbabwe.
By Sinikiwe Dube HARARE – A GROUP of Zimbabwean women marched on Parliament today protesting against the “outrageous” remarks by Mabvuku MP Timothy Mubhawu claiming it was against God’s principles that men and women should be equal.
some members were openly campaigning for Dr Makoni.
Solomon Mujuru who is reportedly supporting Makoni.