Minister of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Patrick Chinamasa of Zimbabwe

HARARE (AFP) Full-scale talks aimed at resolving Zimbabwe's months-long political crisis are not now expected to begin in neighbouring South Africa until Thursday, according to a report in state media.
The talks had initially been due to begin on Tuesday but Chinamasa said that all the delegates should now arrive in South Africa by the end of Wednesday and would then "travel to the venue for the talks, wherever that would be.
Chinamasa had Blackie immediately arrested on charges of "corruption," on the grounds of having decided the case of a white woman improperly (on the basis of an alleged adulterous relationship and racist bias), and without the support of the other judge that was sitting with him on the matter.
In 2005, Chinamasa was ejected from his post as Justice Minister; however, six months later he was returned to the post.
In September 2006, Chinamasa was cleared by a judge of trying to pervert the course of justice.
Chinamasa was accused of trying to stop a prosecution witness, James Kaunye, from testifying in a case against the Minister of State for National Security, Didymus Mutasa, who had been accused of inciting public violence.
Chinamasa was nominated as ZANU-PF's candidate for the House of Assembly seat from Makoni Central in the March 2008 parliamentary election, but he was defeated.
Chinamasa received 4 050 votes against 7,060 for John Nyamande of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC.
Within ZANU-PF, Chinamasa has been seen as an ally of Emmerson Mnangagwa since 2004.
As of 2008, Chinamasa is the Chairman of ZANU-PF's Information and Publicity Sub-Committee, and in that capacity he acted as spokesman for ZANU-PF in the period following the 2008 presidential and parliamentary election.
Along with Goche, Chinamasa was one of the negotiators sent by ZANU-PF to the talks between political parties that began in Pretoria on July 10, 2008, following Mugabe's disputed re-election.
Chinamasa was appointed to the Senate by Mugabe on August 25, 2008.
On January 7, 2009, The Herald reported that Chinamasa had been appointed as Acting Minister of Finance following the dismissal of Samuel Mumbengegwi, who no longer held a seat in Parliament.
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Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister of Zimbabwe Patrick Chinamasa was on Wednesday sentenced to an effective three months in jail for contempt of court.
However, Chinamasa was said to be out of the country on Wednesday.
In his ruling handed down on Wednesday, Justice Blackie said Chinamasa had shown no intention of appearing before the High Court.
It is clear that Chinamasa has no intention of appearing before this court," said Justice Blackie.
Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs in Zimbabwe, Chinamasa is a leading member of the ruling party ZANU-PF.
As a ruling member of ZANU-PF, Chinamasa is the Chairman of the Information and Publicity Subcommittee.
Chinamasa is also the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.
Zimbabwe's Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa was not immediately reachable for comment on the opposition councillor's claims of torture.
ZANU PF chief negotiator in power-sharing talks Patrick Chinamasa said Mugabe would not attend any meeting that seeks to undermine the authority of former.
the first step toward bringing it to parliament for approval, Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa said in the state-run Herald newspaper.
He got nothing in return except an empty shell called the Council of Ministers which Patrick Chinamasa said disdainfully would only meet about four times in.
Zimbabwean Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa has already indicated that the Bill providing for the setting up of the inclusive government would be tabled.
Meanwhile, Justice Minister and Zanu PF chief negotiator in the power-sharing talks, Patrick Chinamasa was quoted by The Herald saying if the bill does not.
Patrick Chinamasa is a Zimbabwean fascist, currently serving as the Minister of InJustice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.
Harare : Zimbabwe Patrick Chinamasa is a Zimbabwean fascist, currently serving as the Minister of InJustice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.
Chinamasa is the chief negotiator for the ruling ZANU-PF party.
Chinamasa said the decision means Mugabe will win re-election by default, with no need for the vote scheduled for Friday.
Chinamasa said Tsvangirai must formally submit his withdrawal from the race to Zimbabwe's Electoral Commission.
Chinamasa is one of the two neogitatiors for Robert Mugabe Zimbabwes ruling ZANU-PF in talks with the Zimbabwe opposition been held in South Africa.
Chinamasa said the ruling ZANU-PF and opposition party Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) pursued conflicting ideologies, suggesting an MDC government would try to reverse land reforms that forcibly redistributed white-owned farms among blacks.
Zimbabwe's Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa was on Monday acquitted of trying to bribe a witness not to testify against a Cabinet colleague accused of inciting violence.
Chinamasa was accused of trying to stop James Kaunye, a prosecution witness, from testifying against a supporter of Minister of State for National Security Didymus Mutasa.
Kaunye told the court during the trial that Chinamasa had offered him a farm if he withdrew public violence charges against Albert Nyakuedzwa, Mutasa's supporter.
Chinamasa had pleaded not guilty, dismissing the charges against him as "baseless, false and malicious.
Chinamasa denied persuading Kaunye to withdraw charges against Mutasa's supporters, saying he went to visit Kaunye to try to bring peace in the district following in-fighting between ruling party supporters.
attempting to defeat the course of justice.
PF supporters facing charges of political violence.
with the prosecution team as their star witness.
of peace and camaraderie among party members in Makoni district.
Chinamasa said he hoped the Council will make it its business to depoliticise the pursuit of human rights issues.
Fambai Ngirande, spokesman for the National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (NANGO), which represents NGOs in Zimbabwe, told US Chinamasa had made unsubstantiated claims.
The Council did not know that at the time Chinamasa was giving this assurance, police were disrupting the funeral of MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai’s father in Buhera using the repressive Public Order and Security Act.
ZIMBABWES Minister of Justice Patrick Chinamasa has dismissed calls by the Movement for Democratic Changes leader for international observers to come and monitor the run-off election.
Addressing a Press conference in Harare yesterday, Chinamasa said international observerswill not be welcomed into the country and that the ruling Zanu PF party will not succumb to pressure from the opposition.
Chinamasa says unity talks prematureZIMBABWES Justice Minister has ruled out the possibility of forming a government of national unity with the opposition Movement for Democratic Change party saying the two parties have diametrically opposing ideologies.
Chinamasa said the two parties pursued conflicting ideologies.
We've made many strides but more particularly in consolidating the gains of our revolution," Chinamasa said at the news briefing.
Minister Chinamasa has freely admitted that he made one of those alterations because –– he explains –– he was advised by his principal (Robert Mugabe) that the three principals –– Morgan Tsvangirai, Arthur Mutambara and Robert Mugabe –– had agreed to alter the document to that effect.
I do not think Chinamasa is saying the truth if he says the second and third items referred to in this article were not intentionally left out.
HARARE, Zimbabwe, Dec 15 (UPI) -- Rivals of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe deny they are training troops for an armed rebellion.
If Chinamasa had been the subject of such parliamentary probe, hemight not have been so fortunate.
In an apparent reference to the United States, Chinamasa said the reality facing the world today was that of big countries placing themselves above the strictures of international law and committing acts of genocide and other crimes against humanity.
An angry Chinamasa said the new Commission should depoliticise the human rights issue and do away with “the tendency of the past to falsely allege against targeted countries, violations of human rights and to use such fabrications as pretexts for hegemonic control and interference in the internal affairs of those countries.
Chinamasa said he was baffled that there could be a hullabaloo now when all along the country ordered weapons without incident.
Chinamasa said Zimbabwe was taking delivery of the arms despite the international brouhaha, which he said was cynical.
The outgoing Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa has started looking for a job amid reports that a fortnight ago he approached the Advocates Chambers intending to join them as an advocate, the Zimbabwe Independent has learnt.
Ironically, Chinamasa is also a member of the LSZ.
Chinamasa was the legal brains behind the government and the chief architect of the Constitutional Amendment No18 that saw the country introducing synchronised presidential, legislative and council elections.
Chinamasa was one of the first black lawyers in the 1980s to become a partner in Honey & Blankenberg, which at that time was a predominantly white law firm.
In September 2006, Chinamasa was cleared by a judge of trying to defeat the course of justice after he was accused of trying to stop prosecution of a witness, James Kaunye, from testifying in a case against the Minister of State for National Security Didymus Mutasa who had been accused of inciting public violence in the countdown to the 2005 general election.