Minister of Finance Samuel Mumbengegwi of Zimbabwe

Mumbengegwi said the new rate will apply to all Zimbabwe Revenue Authority customs and incomes tax valuations.
Samuel Creighton Mumbengegwi is a Zimbabwean politician.
Mumbengegwi disputed the result and the ZANU-PF national election directorate ordered the vote to be held over again, but Mumbengegwi was defeated for a second time, winning 4,906 votes against 8,736 votes for Hungwe, and therefore Hungwe received the ZANU-PF nomination.
The Herald reported on January 3, 2009, that Mumbengegwi had been dismissed from the Cabinet earlier in the week, along with 11 other ministers, because he no longer held any seat in Parliament.
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Mumbengegwi has however played down his intended move saying Zimbabweans are civilized people who are free to communicate across party lines without the approval of their party or any citizen.
Zimbabwes finance minister Samuel Mumbengegwi has announced a People Budget for 2008 in which he proposes measures to empower the poor but fails to address real issues affecting the long troubled economy, APA has learnt here.
Presenting the budget Thursday afternoo, Mumbengegwi said that focus of his 2008 expenditure would be on supporting farmers for the 2007/08 farming season that he dubbed the mother of all agriculture seasons.
Mumbengegwi said Zimbabwe was not the only country to suffer.
As Zimbabwes supermarkets rapidly continue to empty, Finance Minister Samuel Mumbengegwi has pleaded with shoppers not to hoard goods, reports said on Tuesday.
Speaking in the southern town of Masvingo, Mumbengegwi said there was no need for people to hoard goods, the state-controlled Herald reported.
Independent newspapers report that annual inflation calculated by the official statistics office for October hit 15,000 per cent, almost double September's 8,000 figure, but that Mumbengegwi had barred the release of the figures, for the third time this year.
The 2008 budget is premised on a real economic growth of 4% due to the anticipated growth in the agriculture sector the industrial sector," Mumbengegwi said in a televised budget speech to Parliament.
Mumbengegwi said annual inflation -- which measured nearly 8000% in September and was labelled number one enemy by the government -- was forecast to slow to 1978% for 2008.
Opposition lawmakers jeered when Mumbengegwi said priority was to be given in 2008 to restoring electricity supplies and boosting the government's near-dormant rural electrification programme.
Mumbengegwi said the goods shortages were the result of declining production, Western economic sanctions and what he called "speculative behaviour by businesses.
Mumbengegwi said the nation was pinning its hopes on a revival of agriculture ahead of the harvests by April but would still have to import maize and wheat to cover any shortfalls in local production in 2008.
In a supplementary budget statement, Mumbengegwi said the Zimbabwe dollar would now trade at 30,000 to the US dollar, down from 250.
In an interview with Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa following the release of the shocking new statistics, Mumbengegwi said Zimbabwe was not the only country to suffer rising inflation.
not the only country to suffer rising inflation.
Mafukidze (60) a former farm worker at Irvins Farm.
ZIMBABWE Finance Minister Samuel Mumbengegwi said African leaders should stand strong in their desire to work together and should not be manipulated by the west if development is to be achieved on the continent.
Mumbengegwi was speaking at the opening session of the African Development Banks annual meeting, which was heldin the Mozambican capital, Maputo last week.
FINANCE minister, Samuel Mumbengegwi has dropped former First Mutual Ltd chief executive officer, Norman Sachikonye, for Zanu PF strategist Chris Mutsvangwa in the establishment of the Zimbabwe Securities Commission, despite the former being shortlisted by industry, businessdigest has learnt.
In a press statement on Tuesday, Mumbengegwi said President Robert Mugabe had made approval for the new commissioners as per the requirements of the Securities Commision Act (Chapter 24:25) to assume office with immediate effect.
Samuel Mumbengegwi takes over the job.
Mumbengegwi found over 300 cattle on the farm and gave Fraser a week to remove the cattle.
Mumbengegwi was given 14 days to file his opposing papers.
Masvingo - The wife of Zimbabwe’s finance minister Samuel Mumbengegwi faces murder charges after being accused of leading a group of soldiers that fatally assaulted a Masvingo villager accused of stealing from the minister’s farm.
Tecla Mumbengegwi was at the weekend questioned and released by Masvingo police after recording a warned and caution statement from her.