Minister of State Enterprises, Antimonopolies, and Anticorruption Samuel Undenge of Zimbabwe

Harare FORMER NMB Bank deputy managing director James Mushore fled the country to the United Kingdom delaying investigations into the allegations of externalising foreign currency he is facing, Anti-Corruption Minister Cde Samuel Undenge has said.
Economic Development Deputy Minister Samuel Undenge said this while addressing players from various sectors of the economy during a postmortem meeting on the fiscal and monetary policies.
Deputy Minister of Economic Development Samuel Undenge said on Sunday that the National Economic Development Priority Program ( NEDPP) is expected to lay the foundation for the formulation and implementation of the new strategy.
Undenge said the upcoming development strategy is premised on the fundamental principle of promoting sustainable economic growth and economic needs of Zimbabweans as enunciated in the Millennium Development Goals.
Zimbabwe trade and economic consultant Dr Samuel Undenge has called upon Zimbabweans to support and promote the arts industry because it has the potential to create wealth for the country.
Serious cash shortages have been created by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe," Undenge said in a statement.
Undenge said the government, blamed by critics for destroying Zimbabwe's once vibrant agricultural sector after it seized productive white-owned farms, would this year come up with measures to assist black villagers resettled on former white farms meet the new target for maize.
Cde Samuel Undenge was also promoted to Minister of State for State Enterprises, Anti Monopolies and Anti-Corruption.
While Anti-Corruption minister Samuel Undenge was not immediately available for comment, a senior official in his office asked ZimDaily to furnish the commission with information.
The Anti-Corruption Commision or the minister of Ant-Corruption Samuel Undenge has remained conspicuously silent by Gono's theft.
Undenge said he was anxiously waiting for the race for the seat to be declared open but would not be drawn into divulging more of his intentions.