Minister of Policy Implementation Webster Shamu of Zimbabwe

com/the-news/general-news/stop-land-grabbing-%11-shamu/P class=MsoNormalSPANMinister of State for Policy Implementation Webster Shamu has told Zimbabweans that they should stop any further land invasions.
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Webster Kotiwani Shamu is a Zimbabwean politician, currently serving as Minister of State for Policy Implementation.
Webster Shamu has also been known as Charles Ndlovu, having changed his name during the Liberation war, as did many others who used pseudonyms to mask their identities.
Shamu is among a host of individuals not allowed to travel to the United States because the US government feels he has worked to undermine democracy in Zimbabwe.
Shamu has appeared at the forfront praising the efforts of Gideon Gono to revive the economy of the country, although all these efforts appear to have been in vain.
Shamu was nominated by ZANU-PF as its candidate for the House of Assembly seat from Chegutu East constituency in the March 2008 parliamentary election.
And Mr Hingeston also claimed to an American hunting magazine that Mr Shamu was never a joint venture investor but just a "front man" who does not own shares in the business.
As Eddie Cross, Zimbabwe's shadow chancellor, says: 'Shamu is an absolute hood, one of the worst.
Shamu is a director of the Famba Safari Company.
The son of peasant farmers, his rise to the top has been aided by the fact that Shamu is from the Zezurus, the dominant Shona ethnic group that makes up Mugabe's inner circle.
A Zimbabwean now living in exile in Britain said: 'It made US all snigger because in the bush Webster Shamu had never fired a shot in anger – not at the enemy, anyhow.
In 2000, after he was elected MP for Chegutu, Shamu joined the campaign to 'persuade' farmers to hand over their land.
During 29 March 2008 elections, it was alleged by MDC supporters that Webster Shamu was arrested by the police in Mhondoro area while he attempted to bribe personnel at a Polling Station to rig elections.
Lets all rally behind the gallant boys and give them all the support they can get, Shamu said Sunday.
Zimbabwe Union of Musicians patron Cde Webster Shamu has urged stakeholders in the music industry to recognise and honour musicians while they are still alive.
Speaking at Cephas Mashakadas 25th wedding anniversary in Chitungwiza on Sunday, Cde Shamu said local artistes had a big role in educating and informing hence the need to recognise them for their efforts.
Webster Shamu is obviously a well-known hooligan of the party.
Speaking at the hand over of the consignment, Cde Shamu described the donation as solid humanitarian assistance which shows Libyas unconditional commitment in the fight against the cholera epidemic in the country.
Shamu said the continuous refusal by the old guard to accept the changing times would one day come back to haunt them.
supplies as well as transport for his campaign.
Because Webster Shamu has chosen to be of a different political persuasion to Welshman Ncube it does not mean that I should abandon a longstanding, legitimate business partnership.
Famba and HHK, Shamu said the latter was just a marketing company.
According to impeccable sources, Shamu has already hatched a plan to demolish Palm View Lodge, a social joint owned by Pamire in Harares Willowvale on the grounds that it is now a centre for the reincarnation of confusion in the Dembare stable.
Likewise, Shamu was heard vowing that he will simply order the demolition of Palmview lodge on the grounds that it is not an approved structure.
Receiving the drugs, Cde Shamu expressed the Governmenta��s appreciation of the support Zimbabwe is receiving not only from the African continent, but across the globe.
Cde Shamu said it was gratifying that the Libyan government had timeously and generously responded to the appeal by Sadc for urgent assistance to Zimbabwe and, therefore, stands out, along with other African brothers.
Shamu's business partner in this venture is Charles Davy, whose daughter Chelsy is currently dating Britain's Prince HarryWith Jonathan Moyo being sidelined, Webster Shamu is now being tipped as the man most likely to become the next Minister of Information and Publicity.
According to one report a Zanu PF insider is alleged to have said: "Shamu is most likely to take over the information portfolio.
Webster Shamu is also a man who is on the gravy train.
This follows recent disclosures by HHK managing director and major shareholder Graham Hingeston that Shamu was "only a front man" in the business, with no shareholding.