President of the Council of State Raul Castro ruz of Cuba

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Raúl Castro Ruz was a member of the National Leadership of the Integrated Revolutionary PO Organizations (established July 1961; dissolved March 1962) and of the United Party of the Socialist Revolution of Cuba (established March 1962; dissolved October 1965.
Ral Castro Ruz was born the 3 June, 1931 in Brin located in eastern Cuban.
Castro Ruz received His Excellency Mr.
Raul Castro Ruz was born June 3, 1931 in Cuba.
Cuba’s First Vice President, Raul Castro Ruz is attending the historic constituent session of the new legislature of the Cuban Parliament, underway at Havana’s Convention Center.
Cuban President Raul Castro Ruz met with the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone on Tuesday.